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5 ways to shine in video calls online

When it comes to working from home or video chatting with friends in these unique times, it’simportant to still feel and look your best! That’s why we’ve come up with 5 tips to help you shine when meeting up online...

1.Freshen up and reduce puffiness

Use a rose quartz facial roller while you make your morning coffee to depuff from the night before. Using upward motions, the roller helps massage puffiness away while stimulating tissue to tone and improve skin! This helps set the scene for your day on camera.

2.Correct and conceal

Correct and conceal to create the perfect canvas to start your look, make sure to moisturize and conceal blemishes to get an even complexion. Moisturizing will help not only keep your skin healthy and fresh, but allows your concealer to go on smooth and blend naturally.

3.Make your look pop

Make your look pop. A bit of blush gives you a fresh-faced look, while a swipe of eyeshadow will help give your look some depth and dimension, perfect for the screen. A fun lipstick will also give you apolished finish while adding a pop of fun.

Don’t forget! ​While everything is on the table, use a damp cloth to wipe down the inside ofyour drawer or beauty box.

4.For the highlight reel

No matter if you’re presenting to your boss or having a digital Happy Hour with friends, a bit of highlighter across your cheekbones and in the corners of your eyes will really illuminate your features and show how much you can glow from home!

5.Lights, camera, action

The last thing to check before going LIVE is your lighting. Ideally, you’ll be able to usenatural light and face toward it so that the light is coming from directly behind the camera. This gives you the perfect lighting that highlights you most flatteringly. In case there is no natural light available, no problem! Direct a light to bounce off the nearest wall, gently reflecting back on to your face, as a direct light can be harsh and cause strange coloring. Just like in showbusiness, do a few lighting tests to see which best captures you in your bestlight.

Time to shine!

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