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Keep your #kisstance

For your health and others

Life’s different these days. Many of us are staying at home, living and working from the same space every day, unable to meet friends and family in order to help fight the current COVID-19. Though it’s proven to be quite a change to our usual routines, we all know it’s for a good reason and that keeping your distance is important for all — It’s the most important way we can slow down the spread of the virus. Staying apart and keeping your #kisstance is quite literally showing that we care about each other.

How we can stay social

Thankfully we are able to keep in touch despite the distance and there are ways to make the experience of being stuck at home a bit less irritating: Technology especially has proven to be incredibly helpful in the absence of actually meeting up with friends, family, and colleagues.

While we are finding creative ways of keeping in touch with friends and family, there are people who are taking on extra shifts to fight the pandemic on our behalf. We want to especially support these brave frontline workers. And you can also help.

is our idea: ​As a part of a solidarity campaign, we want to donate up to 1 million Euros to “Doctors without Borders,” an international humanitarian medical aid organization.

“Doctors without Borders” is giving aid wherever it is needed most. Their teams respond quickly to save lives, not only in conflict areas and after natural disasters, but also in pandemics.

In these challenging times, we see it as our social responsibility to contribute to the common efforts of our society. That’s why we decided to donate up to 1 million Euros to “Doctors without Borders” and their efforts in fighting COVID-19.

Half of the sum, 500,000 Euros, we have already donated. And how can you help? Easy! You can show your support at a safe distance through social media by simply adding the hashtag #kisstance to your post.

How does that help?

For everyone who keeps their social distance with the hashtag #kisstance, we will donate an additional 5 Euros per hashtag extra in the fight against COVID-19 – up to 1 million Euro total.

This means that the more you keep your #kisstance, the more money we raise! And together, in keeping our #kisstance and staying at home, we can make it to 1,000,000 in support of those fighting COVID-19.

Use the hashtag #kisstance to show that although we’re apart — we’re close at heart. Share your love by sharing your kindness digitally and tag someone you love.

Stay healthy. Stay beautiful. Keep your distance for your health and others. That’s what’s important to us.

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