During these times, it’s important we keep our distance from one another, but still show our love virtually! That’s why we encourage you to keep your #kisstance! And for every hashtag of #kisstance you share, we’ll add 5 Euros to our donation of 500.000 Euros to doctors without borders. Together, we can make it to a million!

Your kiss counts

We're keeping track of every #kisstance mention, so we can see how close we are to a million! Keep your #kisstance - and we'll keep adding to the amount!

See how many people around the world are keeping their #kisstance to do their part!

Together we made it!!!


How it works
Step one

a digital kiss using
the hashtag 

How it works
Step two

@essence_cosmetics, or

How it works
Step three


Be featured

We want to showcase the kisses behind #kisstance by sharing your hashtagged photos — See all the kisses making a difference here in our #kisstance photo album!

by olapic

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Discover instances of #kisstance happening across the world. Together we can make it to 1,000,000 Euros for doctors without borders just by keeping our #kisstance!

Keep your #kisstance

for your health and others

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